• About Us

    We are a non-governmental not for profit organisation founded and incorporated on the 14th of july, 2014. G.O.L.D is focused on promoting leadership and wholistic development of girls and young women.

  • Our Vision

    To improve the status of women in society so as to reduce gender inequality

  • Our Mission

    To groom a generation of young women who are intellectually and economically empowered to achieve their full potential and impact their world positively.

  • Target Groups

      • Early Teens ages 10-14
      • Adolescents ages 15-19
      • Young adults ages 20-25

  • What Makes Us Unique

      • Working with evidence.
      • Adapting our programmes to suit divers context.
      • Using unconventional and innovative methods.
      • Employing participatory approach working WITH them not FOR them.

  • Service Provided

    • Workshops & Seminars
    • Trainings
    • Advocacy
    • Mentoring partnerships
    • Counselling & support

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